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Looking for general information about Stagetime? Head to this FAQ. If you have a question we didn't cover here, send us a message.

How do I share my profile to social media?

The social share button next to "Home" on your dashboard will create an image sized for Instagram and Facebook for you to share on your social media channels. Pro tip: take a desktop screen shot on a Mac by pressing Command Shift 4 and selecting the area you'd like to capture.

How do I include my middle name?

You can change your name at any time in your Account Settings found at the bottom of the left side Edit Profile menu. You can add your middle name in either the First or Last name blanks (behind your first or before your last) and it will show up on your profile correctly.

Why won't my videos play?

Make sure that the YouTube link itself contains only the characters BEFORE the ampersand or "&feature." An example of a clean link is

What are collaborators?

If you clicThink of collaborators as people you’ve either worked with or are interested in connecting with to have easy access to their media. On the dashboard, your collaborators media is displayed, while on the explore page you see all of the media on stagetime. You also have the ability to tag your collaborators to your uploaded media to show that you performed the piece together.k a little button next to Home on your dashboard, it should render a sharable image for you.

I set up my profile as the wrong type. How do I change it?

Email us at and our support team will help you change your profile type.

How do I crop my photo gallery thumbnails?

Currently, you cannot. This feature will be available in the near future.

How do I edit my 'About' section?

Use the "Edit Profile" button on the lefthand side to go to your editor. Here, you can change your General Information (photo, name, color) Biography, upload Media, (video, audio, photo galleries) Supplemental Materials, (repertoire, artist statement) add Affiliations, and update your Schedule.