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Stagetime is a professional community for members of the performing arts industry to network, advance their careers and build enduring relationships. 

Jonathan Bryan: Washington National Opera debut

Terrence Chin-Loy: Arizona Opera Young Artist

Stagetime is

an online network where artists, artistic administrators, and agents can grow as professionals and maintain relationships by engaging with industry connections, showcasing their media, and interacting with colleagues and collaborators.

Cadie Jordan uploaded a new video

Tislam Swift: New York Times review

Kellie Motter connected with Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy In Recital at Carnegie Hall

Ben Bliss: Chicago Tribune review

Gretchen Krupp: MONC Grand Finalist



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Use Stagetime to

Showcase your media investment

Take your high-quality, high-cost media and showcase it on a platform that maintains its quality — no more dropping your vertical headshots into a horizontal, pre-fab web template.

by leading with what makes your story unique — your art. Customizable video and audio driven profiles and feeds make Stagetime uniquely suited to performing artists, instead of cobbling together platforms and templates that were never meant for professional performers.

Build your professional brand

Credit your collaborators.

Each time new media is uploaded, the editor will prompt you to tag your collaborators, ensuring credit is given where credit is due - never forget to tag your pianist again.

Not sure if your social media is professional or personal anymore? Stagetime provides a structured platform for sharing work-related news and for reaching out to your connections and collaborators in a transparent, professional way.

Boundaries, we love you.

Grow, maintain, and manage



Stagetime's feed is populated by updates made to profiles, and there are no value judgments (think likes and comments). Share your professional news and media without worrying about how to say it or how many likes it gets.

your network of industry professionals in a straightforward, HR-friendly way. Avoid

co-mingling professional and personal relationships when communicating via Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger.

One ecosystem.

In the performing arts, one size does not fit all. That's why we designed unique profile types for educators, managers, and artistic administrators to unite the ecosystem in one digital location. Finally, industry news doesn't have to be chaotically distributed across Instagram, Facebook, individual websites, and LinkedIn.

Highlight the dynamic work that tells your story best.

Universal, but specific. Highlight media and accomplishments essential to your professional narrative. Augment traditional bullet points of "job experience" by highlighting the projects that show your skill set as a dynamic professional in a creative industry.

Mitigate email chains, shared links, texted recordings, broken URLs, digging for email addresses, and other fragmented, repetitive methods of professional communication. Easily share profiles and send messages on Stagetime.

Share information with anyone in your network in a linear way.

Stay effortlessly connected to your industry.

List your roster on your profile and appear on your artists' profiles for seamless digital representation. A news ticker specific to your roster allows visitors a snapshot of the great work you and your artists are doing together — without having to send updates via multiple platforms to reach your industry.

Consume media-rich industry news,  information, and profiles.

Interact with profiles and feeds designed to celebrate the work that is the very mission of your organization: creative content. 


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Madison Leonard

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Sofia Selowsky

Ben Bliss

Tislam Swift

Cadie Jordan

Kevin Murphy

Kellie Motter

Shea Owens

Samantha Hankey

Anh Lê

Sarah Vautour

Terrence Chin-Loy

Michael Shell

Gretchen Krupp

And 1062 others

Stagetime is currently in an early phase of rollout with a group of industry professionals as we work to build a product that serves a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds representative of the industry. This means an intensive process of product testing and feedback with a small group of users willing to wade through product bugs with us as we prepare the platform for you to join, and we appreciate your patience as we do so. We are so excited to welcome you to Stagetime soon!

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"Social media platforms can help to flatten perceived social hierarchies that exist in our lived experiences by giving us all an equal platform and access to a community."


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