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Looking for help using Stagetime? Head to this FAQ.
If you have a question we didn't cover here, send us a message.

What is Stagetime?

Stagetime is a professional community for members of the performing arts industry to network, advance their careers and build enduring relationships. Stagetime is currently available for desktop, and will be available on mobile app in Spring 2021.

When can I join and use Stagetime?

Join the Stagetime community anytime!

What do I put on the platform?

Imagine a mash-up of a great LinkedIn profile, the most important pieces of your website, and the connectivity of Facebook (but with professional boundaries!). In order to set up your profile, we recommend performers gather their favorite promotional photos, audio files and YouTube links, as well as an updated bio. For administrators and agents, respective job experience and rosters lead the narrative.

Who else is on the platform?

Performing artists, conductors, composers, directors, actors, choreographers, artist managers, production staff, casting directors, arts administrators, and more members of the performing arts industry are part of our community. If you were asking about specific users, you can explore the community here.

What does it cost to have a profile?

Nothing. Everything you can do on Stagetime right now is and will always be free.