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Fridays at 9am CT — Premiering October 30

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Stars of Tomorrow is presented in partnership with Stagetime and TDO Network (Fridays at 9:00 a.m. Central Time—Premiering October 30th) and is a short weekly highlight that shines a spotlight on some of today’s most exciting emerging artists, many of whom were just getting their careers “off the ground” when the pandemic hit. Stars of Tomorrow turns the digital spotlight toward these emerging artists, allowing industry professionals, fans, and the entire TDO Network to become acquainted with the artist and their work.

Stagetime and The Dallas Opera are committed to supporting and developing artists at each and every stage of their careers. As part of this effort, we're proud to announce this new partnership between TDO Network and Stagetime to highlight a series of young artists doing incredible work in the midst of the pandemic.

Fridays at 9am CT — Premiering October 30


Stagetime is a professional network for the performing arts where artists, artistic administrators, agents, and other professionals in the industry can grow online as professionals and can maintain relationships by engaging with industry connections, showcasing their media, and interacting with colleagues and collaborators.

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TDO Network brings a mixture of programming that educates, questions, and furthers classical music and the power of opera. With a diverse group of content creators from the opera industry, each series uniquely engages with our community in ways that go further than just the typical live performance experience. There is something for everyone in this new platform for sharing the message of opera.


Check back here for archived episodes as they're released.

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